Die Zeitumstellung ( change of time ) and chrono types

1/2 a year is up and in Germany we changed the time :timer_clock: again today ( die Zeitumstellung war heute ). We’ll have one hour “more” :wink:

Some people like to get up early ( der Lerchentyp ) and some people only get going later, the night owl type :owl: ( der Eulentyp ).
“Chronobiologie” deals with that on a research level.
In case you live In Berlin / Germany and are a nightowl and between 18-25 years old you could attend a research study:

PS: It’s not in the flyer, but I heard you get 100€ as a “Aufwandsentschädigung” ( expense allowance ) :moneybag: :money_mouth_face:

PPS: @Megan @Toby …hope it was OK to post this :thinking:


Great topic @Germanlady, thanks for sharing! I’m lucky all my devices take care of the “Zeitumstellung” for me, I would have missed it for sure.

I guess we all know the situation described in the flyer, where we booked (or scheduled) an early chatterbug LL, and then struggled to get out of bed in time! :sweat_smile:

I guess I would qualify as a “Eule” because I have my productivity peak in the evening/nighttime but as a kid, I got up first in a house of a family of 5 and haven’t had a problem doing so!

I guess things can change, even biological predispositions can be overwritten. Or maybe I’m just constantly resetting my inner clock! :man_shrugging:t2:

PS: I have a little metaphor for remembering if I have to put the clocks forward or back:

“Im Herbst geht das Eichhörnchen zurück :clock3: :arrow_right_hook: :clock2: ins Nest, im Frühling kommt es wieder hervor:clock2: :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: :clock3:


Thanks @Toby and thanks for the “Eselsbrücke” ( mnemonic ) to remember the change of time. I actually didn’t know that one :smiley:

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