Different type of activities for Chatterbug self-study?


I’ve been learning German with Chatterbug for around four months now. I like the platform and I love the tutors and live exercises! I am very impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of the tutors, as well as the thought put into the exercises you do with them.

I have a proposal for the self-study component. I see that it is currently useful (it introduces you to concepts and then does vocabulary drilling to help you remember). However, it could be made a bit more fun with the addition of different types of activities. Right now it seems like it is 80% vocab drilling, 10% reading/writing, and 10% videos. This can get a bit boring sometimes…

I propose that you consider the following for the self-study:

  • Interactive games that force you to remember certain words to win points/win the game
  • Interactive texting conversation with a German-bot (i.e. not a live tutor) that corrects your grammar yet still holds an interesting conversation
  • Videos with interactive quizzes at the end that force you to remember concepts and vocabulary from the video
  • Audio segments that likewise ask you questions during/afterwards to test your mastery of the material

Thanks for your consideration!


@Jesse923 Some really great Ideas. :blush::+1: As a tutor who is not directly involved behind the scenes, I can’t personally change or implement these but I will certainly through my support behind them.
I could especially see the videos with interactive quizzes being integrated nicely, since there are already lots of films and clips that could be used in this way on the platform. Like you mentioned, this could be even easier with audio segments.


Hey @Jesse923!

Thanks so much for the ideas and feedback! These are all really great ideas. I have passed them along to our Learning Experience team, but also wanted to let you know that we are working on some new self-study tools that I think you will really enjoy. It’ll take some time to get these rolled out, but stay tuned!

Also, we really appreciate all of the feedback and ideas so feel free to share more!

Thanks again!


I’d love to see a little quiz at the end of reading exercises too. Maybe it’s memories of my school-German days, but it feels weird to read a text in German and not have to answer questions on it afterwards.


Thanks for the reply on this, I hope that some of the ideas can be implemented and look forward to see what self-study tools are rolled out!

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