Do you know about eggcorns?

Hello All!,

Have you ever heard of an eggcorn? Funny word right? Well, an eggcorn is actually the term for words or phrases that are mistakenly used in a seemingly logical way for another word or phrase.

I’m definitely guilty of using phrases and words incorrectly! :see_no_evil:

Some examples in English are:

  • “It’s a doggy dog world” when the actual phrase is “It’s a dog eat dog world”
  • “You need to nip that in the butt” :arrow_right: “You need to nip that in the bud”
  • “coldslaw” :arrow_right: "coleslaw"
  • “cornrolls” :arrow_right: “cornrows”

Do you have any examples of eggcorns that you’ve mistakenly used or heard?