Does Chatterbug Offer Group Classes?

Chatterbug offers different ways to learn: In small groups, individual lessons and lots of options for Self-Study. Find out what works best for you!

Live Lessons
All of our web-based Live Lessons are one-on-one, only you and your native-speaking tutor.

Study Groups
A Study Group is a 15-minute study session in our mobile app, with other learners of your level, led by our very own Chatterbug tutors. Study Groups take place right in the app and allow you to discuss streams, ask questions, explore your interests and practice your language skills in a friendly and stress-free environment.

There are multiple Study Groups available throughout the day, every day, so Live Lesson subscribers and Chatterbug Club members can find sessions that fit their language level, interests, and schedule.

As a Live Lesson subscriber, you automatically have access to the exclusive Chatterbug Club within the mobile app. This means you can join up to five Study Groups per week with our tutors for more practice at no additional cost! You can also join the Chatterbug Club within the mobile app without having to subscribe to Live Lessons.

And of course, if you don’t know the free Chatterbug App yet, go check it out! You can discover new live streams at your level every week or watch any of the over 2000 videos in the library.

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