Doro, living near Spire (Speyer)

Originally, I come from a farm in a tiny village near Detmold in Lippe, North Rhine Westphalia. Since 1980 I’ve lived in Germersheim, a small town near the Rhine in Palatinate, where I studied English and Spanish for translators. For nearly 30 years I’ve worked as a translator for English and translated IBM texts into German. During this time I gave language lessons for English and loved to help adults, children and teenies to improve their German skill. I learned French at school and Swedish during my stay in Sweden as an au-pair.
In my spare time I love to play all sorts of indoor games like Scrabble, Skyjo, Skat (a typical German card game) and Mensch ärger Dich nicht or outdoor games like Wikinger Schach and Boule. Since 1986 my husband organises a special bikes show called SPEZI which has become quite famous. So all of our family are addicted to cycling!


Welcome to the Chatterbug Tutor Community Doro!

Klasse! :heart_eyes: Ps: ich wohne in der Nähe :laughing:

Hallo, Renata,
das ist ja nett. Wo genau wohnst Du denn?

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Thanks, Megan,
for your encouraging answer to my introduction. I have two questions concerning it, though:I don’t manage to find your detailed post concerning my introduction anymore. Is there a quick way to see already read replys to ones profile, especially those I have not yet answered? And the other question is: Somehow I don’t manage to embed an image into my introduction. I uploaded one but it’s not displayed but appears as a hyper link in my introduction instead.

Hi Doro, that message will be in your chat box on the main Chatterbug website or in your email. Regarding the image, I see that you have an image of a cat - is this what you mean?

ich wohne in Hockenheim