Easily confused words

@Matthias27 and I were discussing “speak” versus “talk” today, and I found this interesting article, I thought it might help someone else.

Which words do you often confuse?
Bored and boring? Close and turn off? Handy and phone?
Personally, I always confuse gespannt, spannend, entspant, basically anything with “span” in German, and so I usually just don’t use these words :sweat_smile:, but I know this isn’t the best method!

If you have a funny story, I’d love to hear it!


@MissAmanda Yes I understand your struggle with all the “span” words in German! Especially because the meanings are quite different (I think?)!


@MissAmanda your post remind me these others @JoAnn did, they are very helpful to practice:

“Advice” and “advise” are always tricky for me. But in German, I always struggle with pronunciation of certain words :grimacing:. I remember always saying “What a beautiful pig” :pig: (Schwein) instead of swan :swan: (Schwan) :see_no_evil:.