El barco vs. la barca

I learned that “boat” in Spanish is “el barco” - but just yesterday I watched a video in which they used “la barca”. Is there any difference? Or can you actually interchange these two?
Until yesterday, to me Barca was pronounced differently and a football club. :see_no_evil::smile:

That’s a good question @kjanina! Normally “barco” refers to big and medium size boats, while “barca” typically refers to smaller ones. For example, a catamaran would be a “barco” but an inflatable boat or zodiac would be a “barca”. If you have a special boat in mind and you aren’t sure about if it’s a “barco” or “barca” just ask away! :slight_smile:

I never realised “barca” and “Barça” were so similar :joy:. The football club is actually written with a “ç” because is a Catalan word and is pronounced like a normal “s”. However “barca” (little boat) would be pronounced with a “k” sound. That would be the two main differences! :slight_smile:


Oh, thanks so much for the detailed explanation @MariaJSalmeron :star_struck:
It makes way more sense now. I think it’s quite funny that this difference changes the size of the boat one’s talking about. I didn’t get that in the video I watched.

@kjanina: To make your life easier: You can just use “barco” for the normal size ships, “barcote” for the really big ones and “barquito” for the little ones… :wink: