Emilie from Vancouver, Canada / Lived in London, UK 2014-2021 / Traveling from Canada to Argentina

Hello Everyone! :smiley: You may know me from the Chatterbug tutor community - check out my profile there: Tutor

I have been teaching English online for about two years now and have a lot of fun interacting with students from around the world. I have a background working in commercial real estate and studied business at University, so some of my streams may be more “business” related, but I also love traveling and researching random topics, so you’ll find a wide variety of streams! The background in my streams will often be different as I’m traveling overland in a campervan from Canada to Argentina.

I hope to chat with you soon in a stream and am happy to answer any questions you may have about vocabulary, stream topics, etc. during the stream.


Wow what a nice view! :heart_eyes:

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Lake Atitlan in Guatemala :grinning:

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