Enforce capitalization and article for German Flashcards

Currently, when answering in German for a noun, the flash cards do not care about the article (if it is just a noun card) or the capitalization. I make myself do both of these things, but it would be nice if the input checks could enforce it. The typing tool lets us get away with being too lazy.



Hello @kthxbye. Thank you for the suggestion! You are right capitalization and articles in German are very important. I will pass this along to our product team. Have a nice day :sun_with_face:


Hello Sandra :slight_smile:
Is there an update on this? For German it’s unfortunately critical to get the articles right so I would also love to see this feature. If anyone has the same requests that have been previously made, is there a way for us to ‘upvote’ or to kind of show that yes many of us would like ___ feature. Like a way to gauge how many people would like the same thing? I am sorry if I am missing that! Thanks for the help and update :slight_smile:


Dear @kp00123, I’m sorry for my late response, but I no longer work with Chatterbug, so I’m not able to give you an update on this matter. Maybe @Leocadie can help us here? :relaxed:

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