Entrevista con Manuel (Tutor de español)

Hace algunas semanas @Hikari2220 me hizo una entrevista en español y hablamos de Chatterbug, sus beneficios y más.

Acá los invitamos para que lo vean: https://youtu.be/8SfTOaoDtEU

Some weeks ago @Hikari2220 interviewed me, and we spoke about Chatterbug, its benefits for beginners and more.

Here is the link, please feel free to take a look: https://youtu.be/8SfTOaoDtEU

Pd: The interview is in Spanish, but that way you can all practice as well :blush: :happyllama:.


It was a great pleasure to be able to interview you, Sandra! :smiley:

Keep doing a great job as a Tutor and as a Beekeeper! :smiley:


Nice and interesting interview ! Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for watching it! :smiley: I am glad you liked it!

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