Es ist schön, zu feiern! -> Infinitiv mit zu

Dear robles46 and all the rest of the German Chatterbug students :blush:it was quite a challenge to create this post :sweat_smile:it was me, against my computer :joy:
Rose, I hope you will see my post and it will help you to understand the use of the “Infinitiv mit zu” :blush:


I just quickly want to link Bettina’s amazing post. You can find it here: Es ist schön, zu feiern! -> Infinitiv mit zu

Great job, Bettina!


Thank you Janina!
I’m definitely from the analog era :crazy_face:
Have a nice rest of the week :blush:

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You may be from the analog era, but you’re definitely doing your best to keep up with the digital world. Hope to see more posts from you soon! I’d love to read more about your life in Chile, for example. You could tell us about it in German. :slight_smile: