Expolingua Berlin (Nov. 22-23)

We are thrilled to return to Expolingua again this year, as last year proved to be interesting for us, meeting plenty of people working in the language learning field, as well as language enthusiasts!

About Expolingua
Expolingua is an expo based in Berlin that is all about languages! There are many booths that are occupied by language schools, online language learning platforms, schools, etc. You will find a lot of polyglots, teachers, students, and language learners roaming around Expolingua - plenty of people to practice a language you are learning, or to help them with the language you are tutoring!

Speaking Slot
Our Chief Language Officer, Inda, will be giving a talk on Friday at 12pm in the Expo Lounge. Her talk is titled ‘How many words do you need to communicate with someone?’. Inda gave a talk last year, as well on the future of technology in language learning. She is a very knowledgeable about languages and language learning so come check her out!

It’s Free!
Expolingua has free entrance, so if you are in Berlin come in and stop by our booth for some free swag between November 22-23!