Feature request: 5/10 sec rewind / fast-forward button

I love streams for the possibility to interact with the streamers. :imma_star:x5

The scheduled live streams are also great for actually showing up as a student. It creates a sense of scarcity and if I miss it, it won’t be streamed live a second time - so I better make sure to show up! :sweat_smile:
Fortunately, it’s possible to stream them afterward as often as I want (I love to go through the library). :raised_hands:

And for these uploaded streams, it would be great to have a 5/10-sec rewind button, or a double-tap feature to jump back a couple of seconds. I use that feature on other streaming platforms all the time, e.g. audible, youtube, blinkist, etc…

For chatterbug streams it would be super handy to be able to quickly jump back a few seconds, when I didn’t get something the first time, or want to practice pronunciation a couple more times! Atm I use the progress bar to jump back and it works fine, but it’s not very accurate. Often I scroll back too far and then I have to fiddle around to get exactly where I want to go.

Would that be something that’s possible to implement in the future?


Hey Toby,

Thanks for the suggestion - that would be a handy feature indeed! I’ll pass it on to our product team so they can consider the implementation :slight_smile: