Feature Request - Help with German Grammer

Hi there,

I’ve been using chatter bug for a little over 2 months and I’m a huge fan. I love how the flash card system ties into the video, reading and in person tutor lessons. I’m also a huge fan of how the app measure progress.

That said I’m looking to hire a private tutor to just focus on grammer. The reason I feel I need a tutor to just focus on grammer is because I’m struggling with the writing tasks in Chatterbug, it seems I’m always corrected. Often when doing the flashcard exercises I just memorize how to answer the grammer questions without really understanding why.

The grammer explanation articles are great, but I kinda only read them once when they appear in the “study now” flows. I think there are 2 relatively small product changes that would have a great effect in understanding and learning german grammer.

  1. When writing assignments are correct by a tutor, if a correction could link to a grammer explanation article, that would be amazing for knowing why the grammer needed to be corrected.

  2. When doing the flashcard, for nouns having to enter the gender of the noun would be super helpful in memorzing the gender. I find myself knowing the word really well but guessing or having to look up the gender when having to use the noun in a sentence.

Would this be possible?

One other thing, don’t know if its crucial but I think it would help. I tend to remember language concepts when I hear them spoken. Linking to a video/audio demonstration of a grammer rule would be appreciated. So if the grammer article is on past tense, accompanying it with a short video of two people speaking in past tense would be awesome.

Keep up the great work, love the app.


Hey @Graeme87 thanks a lot for sharing such thorough feedback with us. :blush: I passed it on to our Curriculum team and they’ve already started a conversation about some of the points you raise. For instance, we’re currently preparing master class videos that focus on grammatical concepts. These should help practice grammar further. And if you’re interested in reviewing some A1 grammar, we recently launched a podcast called Long Story Short that aims at teaching students beginner-level grammar through storytelling. :headphones:


It would be also very helpful if the flashcard shown on the reading exercises could have der, die, das. Now it only shows the English translation. Thanks!

Thanks! I’ll give it a listen. Look forward to the master class videos!