Films about political and historical subjects I recommed

Hello everyone! I just wanted to post some information about some Spanish and Latin-American historical and political films. If you are interested in history or politics, it might be very interesting.

Perhaps you already know Roma from Alfonso Cuarón, which tells the story of a housemaid in the 70s. Among others, the film addresses subjects such as inequality among indigenous people and class issues.
I also recommend “Flores de otro mundo” from Iciar Bollaín. In a very lighthearted way, the film addresses the problem of abandonment of rural areas in Spain. The film is funny but also emotional ( without being too cheesy)

Let me also know your recommendations :slight_smile:


There is a new Netflix series from Colombia, called “La Niña”. It’s about the reintegration of former Guerrilleros into the society. I like it, although it was not possible for me to watch the 86 episodes of it


Suena interesante :slight_smile: Muchas gracias

Bueno más que peliculas hay muchos documentales. El cine en Latinoamérica lamentablemente no siempre ha sido muy apoyado. Te recomiendo Ciro & Yo. Este docuental refleja parte de la historia del conflicto en Colombia.


Nice idea! There is so much to choose from:

  • Argentina: La noche de los lápices & La historia oficial (both talk Videla’s dictatorship in the '70s and 80’s)
  • Chile: Machuca (also has Chile’s dictatorship in the '70s as a topic)
  • Peru: Paloma de papel (it talks about terrorism)
  • Dominican Republic: La fiesta del chivo (it talks about Trujillos’s dictatorship for more than 30 years)

As you can see, it’s all about dictators :frowning:. It was part of my thesis, that’s why I know so many movies about it, but I will look for other topics as well :slight_smile:.


Muchas gracias! De ese tema siempre he querido informarme más. Hace poco vi una película colombiana que se llama “Los hongos” de Oscar Ruiz Navia.

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Thanks a lot! I will watch them because I would want to learn more about latinamerican cinema. Saddly dictators were a part of history.
An old film which reflects death penalty in the spanish dictatorship is "El verdugo"from Luís García Berlanga. It is kind of a dark comedy, very witty

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hi everyone, i would love to add to the argentinian list: “Nisman: El fiscal, la presidenta y el espía”, which explains a little bit of the argentine conflict of the attack to Amia.



There are many interesting political films regarding Latin-America. Some classics that come in mind related to Mexico are:

  • Los Olvidados (1950) by Luis Buñuel. He is an Spanish director but lived (and died) in Mexico city. It is an incredible film.
  • Rojo Amanecer (1989) by Jorge Fons. This is a difficult to watch film since it’s set in around the killings in the square of Tlatelolco in 1968.

Here is a synopsis:
“Mexico City, October 2, 1968. Ten days before the Olympic Games a small student revolt turns into major political turmoil. A demonstration in Tlatelolco, the largest housing complex in the city, becomes an extremely tense situation. A typical middle-class Mexican family is tragically involved in the events, when the protest is brutally put down by the army and hundreds of people are killed in the square in front of their apartment building.” *Written by [Maximiliano Maza]

  • Canoa (1976) - touching on a very important aspect which the one of memory, what happens with all the events that have happened and how we are seemingly unable to learn from them.
  • El lugar sin límites (1978)

I hope this is useful and related to what you had in mind :slight_smile:

Enjoy! (although they are not an easy watch)