Firefox turns off video and microphone during LL

Hello everyone :wave:,

I have recently noticed a pattern when using Firefox. During LL the camera and microphone are turned off, but you can see and hear the other person still and even type in the chat. At first, I thought it was my internet or my computer, but then I had a few LL with Opera and Chrome, and everything was fine. Some of my students have had the same problem, and that’s how I realized it may be Firefox.

I wanted to share this, so if anyone is using Firefox and experiencing this kind of problem, then just switch browsers :relaxed:.


Yes, this has happened to me too and it’s quite annoying because you have to refresh the page every 5 or 10 minutes. But with chrome it works normally, thanks for the tip! :raised_hands:


Thanks for sharing this problem @27sp.sandra I noticed the same thing. I prefer using Firefox because I think there’s a lot of back activities on Chrome ( like collecting the users data and stuff :thinking: ).
I made a Firefox update today and I didn’t have these problems anymore …at least today. Hopefully it’ll stay like this
@Maddy11 could that have been the cause of problem I described :thinking:


Oh good to know @Germanlady I also prefer Firefox!!


I wouldn’t have known that either @Amandine A student of mine told me so, because I was wondering why Chrome seemed slower :thinking:

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Danke schön, @Germanlady for sharing this tip with us as well :relaxed:. I tried it today and it worked! I hope it stays like that :crossed_fingers:.

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