Flash Cards hot-keys or shortcuts (for audio)?

Are there any built in hot-keys or short-cuts built into the Study Cards app? For example, is there a keystroke that would repeat audio without needing the mouse? In all my learning apps (and work) I tend to use keyboard only. It would be nice to be able to replay audio without having to use the mouse and break my flow.

Second question, is there something similar that can force Chatterbug (Web) to play audio for full sentences in the learning language? I haven’t been able to find a pattern. Sometimes I receive no verbal feedback, sometimes only the word in question, and sometimes Chatterbug plays the entire example sentence.

In general, it would be helpful for me to have more control over the audio examples.

Thanks for your time.


Hey @kthxbye,

Unfortunately we do not have any short-cuts built in to our card study for audio, but I will pass along your feedback to our product team.

Regarding your second question, we do not have any tool to force the study card to play the entire audio of the sentence. It most cases it should play the entire phrase, but there are some sentences in which we do not have the entire audio in the system, but just the word that was being tested on. If this is happening to you quite often, then this could potentially be a bug on your particular account. I would recommend writing us in the chat box on the main site so that we can look into your account.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you!

No worries, Megan. The audio features would certainly be nice to have, but are not critical.

Thank you for your time and response.

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