Flashcards for a unit work in an unexpected way

Finally I started to go through the previous units and I thought I’d be able to practice with only vocabulary flashcards for a unit but often when I click the Study now button to go through the vocabulary for the unit it can jump to words from other units as well.
Is it an intended behaviour? If yes, is there a way to practise with only vocabulary for a single unit?

Thanks for your question @marunyash. Maybe @Julia.Karl knows how this technically works.

Hi there, please excuse my late reply. This is not the intended behaviour of card study, and we reported it to our engineering team. Please excuse the inconvenience, and thanks a lot for the heads-up.

The capacities of our engineering team are quite absorbed by our new Mobile App Streams, currently, so, to manage expectations: A fix for this issue might take a bit. The issue is on our agenda, though! :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that. Thank you for keeping me updated.

As a developer myself I can definitely understand that things like that take time.

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