Franziska from Germany

Hey hey,
I am Franziska and l am originally from the South of Germany, from Freiburg specifically. Currently I live in Berlin with my lovely husband and my baby girl.
The first thing that I would like you to know about me is that I fell in love with languages a long time ago. The love story probably began in Latin class when we were analyzing and translating ancient texts from Cicero or Tacitus. If this sounds boring to you, this is totally fine :wink:.
Over the last ten years, I would say, languages have become more and more important in my daily life: I studied romance philology (Spanish and French), spent years abroad working as a language teacher for German, and now I work for Chatterbug on the Curriculum Team. I enjoy speaking other languages and continuously learning new words or expressions, but I also like to think about the historical and social background of the words that we use daily.
Long story short: when we meet on the Video-Chat, I’ll probably be as excited as you are to learn and experience languages.