French expressions are often great

I just love French expressions. They are often really graphic and have…je ne sais quoi…that makes them fascinating and hilarious at the same time! We’ve got a growing number of them on our instagram page.


In English, you might respond to a particularly nosy friend with ‘mind your own business!’ In French, on the other hand, that business is more specifically their onions :thinking::joy:


:fr: In his 1857 poem ‘Les Fleurs du mal’ (The Flowers of Evil), French poet Charles Baudelaire used the word ‘cafard’ (cockroach) to refer to a sense of melancholy. And so originated this phrase, meaning to be down in the dumps or to feel depressed.


:fr: In British English, you might say someone is ‘telling porky pies’ if they’re lying to you. In French however, they’d be ‘telling salads’. Seems a little healthier, at least :sweat_smile:


:fr: Nervous for that date or important meeting? The easy solution would be to, well… just not go :smirk::joy:
In French, the act of standing someone up can be referred to as ‘putting (or placing down) a rabbit’ - which would probably be better company, anyway :smile:

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Ha ha, those expressions can sound quite strange for a non-French speakers!
Stay tuned, there’ll be a lot more coming up on Instagram.

Did you know those ones:

  • en faire tout un fromage :cheese: (to make a whole cheese out of it)
  • avoir la frite :fries: (to have the fries)
  • ne pas sentir la rose :rose: (to not smell like a rose)
  • manger comme un cochon :pig: (to eat like a pig)

Who can guess what they mean? It’s really easy!