French Summer Songs 2019

Bonjour à tous !

Summer is music festivals season :notes::cherry_blossom: here is a list of French songs that you’re most likely to hear on the radio this summer:
Artistes : Angèle et Roméo Elvis - Titre : Tout oublier
Artiste : Lomepal - Titre : Trop beau
Artistes : Kezah et Freddy - Titre : Mirador
Artistes : Boulevard des airs et Vianney - Titre : Allez reste
Artistes : Toofan et Louane - Titre : La vie là-bas

What do you think of those songs? Do you understand some words? Do you already knew some artists? Some French songs were popular in your country this summer, too?

That would be cool if someone else could make the same list for another French speaking country :slight_smile:


La vie la-bas tries to put a serious topic into song but I found that they didn’t do the challenges of migration any justice. Although as a Togolese, it’s really nice to see Toofan (literally the biggest Togolese band we have) get some recognition outside of home :blush::musical_score::microphone:



Following Laurena’s suggestion, here’s a list of French songs that are popular in the province of Quebec (Canada) :

Alaclair Ensemble - La Famille
Coeur de Pirate - Ne m’appelle pas
Loud - Toutes les femmes savent danser
Alex Nevsky - La course des tuques
Bleu Jeans Bleu - Coton ouaté

Enjoy :blush:



I am studying French and sometimes I listen to French songs. I wanted to share some of my favourite songs.

The first two songs are from the belle province:
Jean Leloup - Paradies City

Alaclair Ensemble - Ca que c’tait

OrelSan has some good songs as well.
OrelSan - La pluie

OrelSan - Reves bizarres

I hope you will enjoy!


Edith Piaf - La foule
Carla Bruni - On me dit


On me dit was the very first French song I was able to understand! :heart_eyes: