French Tacos - reading and watching

This week I read a really entertaining article on the rise of French Tacos - which are not like Mexican tacos, but more of a sandwich. The article also mentions these videos, in French, on the origins of the tacos.

The article made me very hungry. :smile: Have you eaten one? Are they good? I want to get one a plane so I can have a proper one!


Hi @mgm :happyllama:. It’s the first time I’ve heard of French Tacos and after watching the video I was also hungry :yum:. It is interesting how this concept it’s a fusion of so many things and how big it is! I was expecting something smaller and more “french” heheh. Something with more cheese maybe :sweat_smile:. Thank you for sharing! I totally agree with you, it would be nice to go to France and give it a try.


Wow thank you for sharing this @mgm !
I didn’t think one could write such a long article on this subject haha but this sociological analysis was super interesting!! :open_mouth:
After reading it, I watched the video with my boyfriend last night and we thought that we had completely missed the phenomenon: we left France in 2017 and tacos were not yet very fashionable in Paris! I heard about it from a few friends but to be honest I associated it with a bad kebab :woozy_face: (the mix of meat, sauces and fries inside the sandwich doesn’t appeal to me too much) but I think I’ll have to try it when the restaurants reopen haha!

What about you southern tutors, do you know tacos?? :thinking: @TristanC @Julie_france @EmilieBeffara