French vs other Romance Languages

I mentioned to my tutor today (hi @Leocadie!) this wonderful video on how modern French evolved from Latin and why it sounds (and spells!) so differently from other romance languages.

It’s told through the lens of a cooking recipe, which is cute - but the information density is very high! It’s a great watch for anyone interested in language, so I thought I’d share it broadly.


Thanks for sharing @mgm!


I love this type of videos :heart_eyes:. Merci @mgm :blush:.

How languages evolve is definitely amazing!


Wow, that was great, thanks for sharing @mgm!
I love phonetics and those French sound shifts are super interesting!

Language is a wild beast - always evolving and just not tameable. :boar:

For our polyglots: I found a video where you can hear old English from around 700 AD. If you speak German and English, you can see so many similarities!


Great post! Thank you for sharing @mgm ! The next language on my bucket list is definitely French!


Very interesting video :grinning:!
I learned a lot of things - fascinating how languages change with time :face_with_monocle:!!

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If you like such videos, this one about English is also an old favorite of mine!


Loved the video!
I spent a couple of years in France as part of my studies and I recall a night when two guys (an italian and a french guy) started to have a very heated and passionate argument about somehting (I dont remember the issue). At some point the italian guy shouted: You french people are so weird that you have a word with 6 letters and only pronounce 2! He was really angry but I found it super funny the way he did with his italian accent and his hand gestures haha