French Youtubers

Hi everybody !
It is known that watching movies and TV shows is a good way to learn a language. But we tend to forget about Youtube, where you can find shorter videos, more accessible and for all tastes.
So here’s my top 5 favorite French Youtubers :

1 – Cyprien : one of the first French Youtuber, he is doing mostly humoristic videos but also short films, a little bit more serious, and cartoons.

2 – Lena Situations : she is more into lifestyle videos and she is a real positive energy (she even write a book about it !). She is really famous for her series “Les Vlogs d’Août”.

3 – McFly et Carlito : I can’t even describe their style because they are doing everything : music, challenges, games, videos with personalities (from David Guetta to the current French President !!)…

4 – Seb : passionate about music, he is really good with anecdotes and storytelling. He is about to release his first mixtape !

5 – Hugo Décrypte (– actus du jour): if you don’t wanna miss any major news of the French actuality… he’s your guy ! Every day he sums up the news to make it more accessible.

This is a completely subjective list, but there is many more YouTubers you can discover : Natoo (comedy), Tibo Inshape (sport), Enjoy Phoenix (makeup), Michou (gaming), Squeezie…
Let me know who is YOUR favorite French Youtubers !?!


Merci pour avoir recommandé ces YouTubers.
Je regardais les vidéos sur le canal de Cyprien.
J’aime beaucoup la vidéo qui s’appelle ‘Technophobe’. C’est très drôle.
Ça m’a fait penser á la relation nous avons avec la technologie, et comme nous tenons pour acquis.
Regarder ses vidéos est aussi une bonne façon d’apprendre de pratique ma français. Je me sens motivé quand je mort de rire !
Merci beaucoup !


Tara’s body is an excellent site for dance based exercises! Tara parle en français.