Fun Facts about the French language

Following @SKrausser’s great post about German Fun Facts, here is a list of some interesting and funny facts about French! :crazy_face:

  • The words ‘amour’, ‘délice’ and ‘orgue’ are the only three words in the French language that are masculine in the singular and feminine in the plural.

Il a connu un grand amour et des amours malheureuses.

  • ’ is the only word with a ‘u accent grave’. Despite this, this letter has its own key on the French keyboards!

(where) et ou (or) se prononcent exactement pareil !

  • This sentence contains all the letters of the alphabet :

Portez ce vieux whisky au juge blond qui fume.

  • Some words have contradictory meanings in French. For example, the word ‘hôte’ means both “one who invites” and “one who is invited”.

L’hôte prend bien soin de ses hôtes (The host takes good care of his guests)

  • Georges Perec, who was a big fan of style exercises, wrote a novel that has no “e” in it! It is called La Disparition. He used many synonyms and figures of speech to avoid using this letter and it is quite funny to read!

Anton Voyl n’arrivait pas à dormir. Il alluma. Son Jaz marquait minuit vingt. Il poussa un profond soupir, s’assit dans son lit, s’appuyant sur son polochon. Il prit un roman, il l’ouvrit, il lut; mais il n’y saisissait qu’un imbroglio confus, il butait à tout instant sur un mot dont il ignorait la signification.

Did you already know some of these facts? :nerd_face:
Have you noticed any other funny things about the French language or your native language? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The fact about the novel without “e” sounds absolutely funny. That would be a good exercise for advanced language learners :joy:


Haha yep it’s quite a big challenge to read it, even for native speakers :sweat_smile:

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