"für mich kein Problem" or "kein Problem für mich"

Does it sounds well when I pronounce this sentence in both ways:

Das ist für mich kein Problem.


Das ist kein Problem für mich.

Which one is better? After there any rules? I know about TeKaMoLo but as I understand it doesn’t apply here.


TeKaMoLo doesn’t apply here. Here applies the rule that, when we have a Dativ- or Akkusativ prounoun in the sentence, this comes always before the other object. Here, the Akkusativ pronoun is “für mich”, so it has to stand first.

Correct is:

Das ist für mich kein Problem.

PD: But it’s possible that we say in informal speech “Das ist kein Problem für mich.” Not correct, but people say that. :pleading_face:


When it comes to german, when I speak I do it right and germans end up correcting me , teaching me the way they speak, which is the wrong one but it sounds right for them. It’s so crazy :laughing: :laughing: .