Géraldine from France

Hi all!

I was born and bred in France: born next to Paris and raised in the Alps :mountain_snow: before moving to the lovely - and rainy :sun_behind_rain_cloud: - region of the west of France named Brittany.

I became passionate about foreign languages when I was 16 or 17 and wanted to travel the world. But it’s only after spending a year as a teacher’s assistant in the US :us: that I decided to study to become a French as a foreign language teacher :woman_teacher:.
I’m still far from having seen the whole world :world_map: but I’ve managed to travel quite a bit. For now, I’ve settled in a vibrant and ecofriendly Berlin, which I absolutely love.

In my spare time I enjoy lighting upon unknown indie/folk/electro bands :musical_score:, doing sport, travelling :compass:, learning German obviously, writing, and reading fantasy novels :open_book:!