German app description for streams

Hi all, a “gebissen” Live stream is not german and if it was, not positive at all.
Bite-sized should be “mundgerecht”.
Although it is not german but present in Germany and “german” you could say : mundgerechte to-go streams für deinen Sprachunterricht.
Apart from this detail: i am not sure wether the streams in general are not perhaps too long?
I would prefer a 5-7 minutes stream. Maybe 12-13 minutes is too long.


Thanks a lot for your comment Thomas! I am sure @tjohnson will find it useful! :slight_smile:
I totally agree with you about the length of the videos, I think 10 minutes is ok but longer than that is too much :exploding_head:

Thanks Thomas, and nice spot! I’ve passed that on to the translations team. And cheers for the feedback on stream length. We’ll take it into consideration!