German B2 'Intermediate: Give me 5' stream

Super fun Stream! Loved this game. :clap:

In the beginning I thought I had misread the title and maybe it was an English stream, then after I submitted my first responses in English Max reminded us that it’s a German language game! Silly me.

But if this stream is labelled as B2, why aren’t all the explanations in German? I think for B2 learners it would have been fine to have everything in German. This game could totally work for lower-level learners too, with easier categories like the practice round with fruit, for example.

Also, I found myself taking screenshots of the answers when they appeared to saved the new vocabulary for myself. Could be cool to have some kind of function to save new vocabulary from the streams in a personal section of the app.

P.S. Loved Max’s dancing too! :man_dancing: