German expression: Seinen Senf dazu geben

We all know someone who always has something to say -even though no one is asking for their opinion. In German this means “adding one’s (unsolicited) mustard” to a conversation, for example.

Where do you think this phrase originated?


it’s probably from Badenwürtemberg because people there are said to be very noisy about opinions and have to always highlight they point of view


@Vali99 very funny :+1::wink:, though actually I don’t know people from Baden-Württemberg. Actually also applies to people in Berlin :joy: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Found this link where they ( Berliner ) explain how they are themselves :wink:. Press play! Film ab!

…no subtitles sorry :neutral_face:…need a translation for some phrases? :thinking:

I love this ad from the BVG @Germanlady! Thanks for sharing.