German New Year's Eve Traditions

I thought it would be a nice moment to share some German Traditions. Are any of you spending NYE in Germany or have spent it there in the past?

For example, one very curious tradition is to watch the comedy sketch “Dinner for one - Der 90. Geburtstag”. The program is broadcasted every year on many German TV stations and has become one of the most frequently repeated TV programs ever.

It’s only 18 minutes long and there’s only a short introduction in German, the rest is in English. Surprisingly, the sketch is mostly unknown in England.

You can watch it here:

What other German NYE traditions do you know?


Here people pour liquid lead into cold water and have to interpret the figure that has formed.
Much more funny with a couple of glasses of wine hahahaha


Happy new Year everybody :mushroom::four_leaf_clover:/ Frohes neues Neujahr!
…to eat Pfannkuchen ( it.s like a donut :doughnut: without a hole and everywhere else in Germany except here in Berlin known as “Berliner” ) is also a German tradition :yum:


I didn’t know that @kjanina! We also have a couple of popular movies that are played on cable TV non-stop around Christmas. My favorite is “A Christmas Story”. It has been a tradition to watch with my brothers every Christmas Eve :slight_smile: