German phrase: Mach dir keinen Kopf!

Imagine the following situation:
You had told your friend you would meet them for coffee on Sunday morning, but you just simply forgot! When they finally reach you, you get really nervous and start making up excuses for not showing up. Your friend just tells you:

Had anyone told you that before?


Oder auf Schwäbisch: “Nooo nex narrets” :wink:


there’s also shorter versions with the same meaning Kein Ding, Kein Problem or Keine Sorge . You’re meeting a friend for Kaffee und Kuchen, You’re running late and you wanna let your friend know:
P1: Hey, bist du schon da? Ich bin schon auf dem Weg, aber komm’ etwas zu spät. Sorry!
P2: Kein Ding! Ich warte drinnen auf dich.