German sentence structure

Would it be correct in German if I used the English language sentence structure?

For instance, Können Sie ein bisschen warten , If I rearranged this to English sentence structure Können Sie warten ein bisschen would this be incorrect?

another example, Können Sie mir bitte Ihre Informationen geben?

English: Können Sie geben mir Ihre informationen? Is this incorrect?


Hey, @Rb1207, thanks for your interesting question.

The fast answer is: no.
The longer answer is: “Sadly”, German has another sentence structure than English. For example, whenever you have an auxiliary verb like “können” in a sentence, the main verb “warten” always stands at the end.

In Chatterbug, you’ll find a lot of exercises about the German sentence structure. Whenever you have questions, feel always free to ask your tutor in your Live Lesson, also “off-topic”. We are glad to help you to understand also more or less difficult grammar questions :wave:


Thank you for the clarification.

By the way: I always recommend the (free) writing exercises in order to get a better “feeling” of the German grammar. Unlike in the Live Lessons, here we can correct every mistake, which helps many students to progress faster and get used to the correct sentence structure.