Get to know New Caledonia (part 1)

Hi guys,

Such as some of you may know, I live in New Caledonia since I was born. And I want to share a little bit more about my country.

So it’s a small French Island in the South Pacific, near to Australia.
A part of the population is managing to become independent, but for the moment we’re a French overseas territory (“collectivité d’outre-mer”).
The official language is French, but there’re about 28 kanak’s languages spoken on the island, even though we’re only 300 000 inhabitants !!

New Caledonia is composed of a big island (“la Grande Terre”), the Loyalties Islands and thousands of tiny islets.

The capital city is Nouméa, located in the south of the island. It’s the most populated place and the busiest. (It’s where I live !)

Our principal resources is the nickel, that we export in large quantity.


Sounds amazing! What do you especially love in New Caledonia?

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WOW! sounds really interesting. Wish I could visit in the future!

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I love the fact that life here is “cool” comparing to big cities. People are smilling and welcoming most of the time.
But above all I love the weather and the landscapes.