Getting notifications in German

Hello! I’m a French learner, and only have French set in my notification preferences, but recently (perhaps a week) I’ve also been seeing notifications in German.

Eg this morning:

And here are my notification preferences:

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@tjohnson Do you have an idea why that happens?

Bonsoir Michael !
Actually the notifications you received are also for streams in French… but for German speakers! (The streamers Linda and Luana are streaming for both English and German speakers)
So technically your notification preferences are respected haha! :stuck_out_tongue:
But since your preferred language is English, you shouldn’t get the same suggestions as German speaking students. Let’s wait and see what TJ has to say :slight_smile:


Hm, this is odd. Indeed Michael shouldn’t be seeing notifications for German-speaking users. I’ll pass this on!


Fyi, another example. Doesn’t happen every day, but it’s fairly frequent.

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fyi - I’m not sure if something has changed on your end, but this hasn’t happened in the past week.


Thanks very much for the update @mgm ! I’ll pass this on to the engineers.