Grammaire pour votre frigo!

Bonjour à tous !

I’m Cloé, the graphic designer behind the images of our French curriculum. :fr: :hoverllama:

I grew up in the french speaking part of Switzerland, and I speak German, Spanish and - obviously - English. Also learnt a bit of Portuguese and Italian here and there. You guessed it, I have a real passion for literature, culture, accents… And I know the struggle of learning a new language. :grimacing: So it’s a pleasure for me to work at Chatterbug and contribute in making the process more colourful, fun, structured and overviewable.
Maybe some of you german learners noticed my dear colleague @hballent started a serie of images called “grammar for your fridge”, with wonderfully condensed information, perfect for printing out and hanging on your fridge or on the back of your bathroom door. I decided I would start making the same for you french learners ! I will post a picture once or twice a month, and if there is any grammatical topic you want to see illustrated, just let me know, I’ll be happy to design it for you. :grin:

This month’s picture is about interrogative words.
Want to practice a bit ? Can you use them to create some riddles for the other students ? Or write a short interview using the formulations on the picture ?

Looking forward to reading you !

À bientôt et bon apprentissage ! :four_leaf_clover: