¿Hablamos de comida?

Hello there!
I’m travelling back home (Colombia) and I’ve been thinking a lot about foods I am craving for… and I remembered the video this guys made (PeroLike) about our hot chocolate.
Have you tried foods from any Hispanic country?
What are your favorite? I have a pretty long list… so I don’t say mine. :drooling_face:


Me encanta el Locro! :two_hearts:

Locro is a hearty thick stew and I think it’s popular along the Andes mountain range. I got to know it in Argentina.

Here’s a picture of my mother-in-law’s Locro, with some good Argentinian Malbec wine:


This looks so delicious! It seems to be similar to my father in law´s FAVADA, I think it´s from Spain, but he cooks it here in Mexico. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks a little bit like mexican “Pozole”. Which is made with pork, corn and Chile California. One of my favourites.
I also love Tacos dorados, Tamales, Tacos de carne asada and the list goes on…
Mexican food is just amazing in its variety and so delicious.


Hi there,
I’ve been in Colombia a couple of times, but sadly never tried this Hot Chocolate with cheese. Next time I’ll do. I love Hot Chocolate!.
What I did try was delicious Ajiaco (a soup with 3 kind of potatoes, chicken meat, caper… on top: cream and avocados). And in Medellin I must say a Bandeja Paisa is a good challenge if you love fried stuffs (Fried Pork or Chicharron, Fried Banana, Fried Eggs, black pudding, beans, rice, avocado, chorizo, arepa) I had half and was more than enough. Be careful with this main dish.

Locro in Argentina is fine, but for Meat lovers, Argentina is a paradise for enjoying dick, juicy steaks!
Uruguay has also pretty good beef, and Brasil as well with their “Carne na espada”.

Mexico is another food paradise. Even if I don’t like much eating hot spicy, in México I like everything. Quesadillas at breakfast, then Tamales, Flautas, Mole Poblano. In Guadalajara you must try “Tortas ahogadas”.
Tacos is another chapter, with so many different meats and sauces. My favourite: Tacos al Pastor, just with drops of fresh lemon. Amazing!

My hometown is Chile and we have delicious Empanadas, like in many other latin countries. I love Pastel de Choclo (a Pie made of chopped beef meat mixed with onions, olives, boiled egg and mashed corn on top, all gratinated in oven, serve in mud pots). We have Humitas, like Mexican Tamales. And of course a lot of Fish and Seafood from our 4000km long coast.

But I must admit Perú is a food master. Their seafood and flavours are superior. A good fresh Ceviche with Camote (sweet potato), Maiz cancha (roasted salted corn), onion and “Leche de Tigre”.
I would give my kingdom for a great Lomo Saltado (beef cubes in a thick sauce, onions, served with rice and fried potatos) … Or Ají de Gallina… OMG!

I could go on, but now I got hungry!

Buen provecho!
Enjoy your meal!
Guten Apetit!
Bon Appetit!


Agreed @Lari1108! Being from Southern California, I grew up eating Mexican food. Every time I go home, I indulge on everything Mexican food - tacos, burritos (I know controversial whether it is real Mexican :wink: ), salsa, tamales - all of it!


Soon I’m going to Colombia, and I’m so happy I’ll be soon able to eat cheese with everything :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

One of my favorites is Oblea, is not that hard to make but in Europe is definitely not easy to find:


  • dulce de leche
  • queso
  • dulce de mora
  • leche condensada

Una delicia :happyllama:.


Thanks for sharing @27sp.sandra. What type of cheese is used for Oblea?


It’s called “queso doble crema”:

This one we use for “arepas”, “platanos” and the “chocolate con queso” as well. It is very yummy :blush:.

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I want a very simple thing : M A N G O S.

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I love pozol and we actually made some for the first time this past weekend. The pozol made in Costa Rica is a simpler version of Mexican pozole, but it also tastes amazing. Here it’s usually made with pork, but this one has chicken:


That look very yummy :blush:.