Have you heard about "hacer una vaquita" in Spanish?

Long ago in Mexico :mexico:, when they still had colonizers in their land, the cow owners :cow: gave the order to the Mexican farmers :cowboy_hat_face: to take the cows to the top of the mountains :sunrise_over_mountains:. There the cows would be able to eat plenty of fresh grass. Nevertheless, the farmers also had to go in winter :cold_face:, and as they were up there in the mountains they had to eat some meat in order to survive. In the end when they came back to the owners, altogether had to collect money to pay for the cow that was missing :cow2:. That’s how this saying was created and nowadays, we use it anytime we are in a group of people, and we want to collect money for something.

Is there a similar saying in your language?
Do you know a similar saying in Spanish? :thinking:


In Spain, we say hacer un bote (lit. to make a jar). I guess because the money is kept inside a jar. :joy: :joy:


Hi @27sp.sandra! This is a great explanation, thank you!
We use this expression in the Canary Islands as well but until today I had never understood why :joy: :hugs:


Pleasure :hugs: I’m glad you liked it. To be honest in Colombia we use a lot as well, but I also didn’t know why :sweat_smile:. Now we know :blush:.