How Chatterbug picks your flashcards

Our flashcard logic is simple: the more answers you get right, the less you have to review, and vice versa!

If you get 30% or higher of a session’s cards wrong, we won’t introduce new cards in the next session. We will also slow down the number of new words if you get 15% of a session wrong. We do this to maintain a sustainable learning pace and to make sure you don’t carry major knowledge gaps into your next level.

You can also choose to focus only on flashcards that are relevant to your upcoming Live Lesson. To do this, head to the unit you’re currently studying :point_right:t4: Vocabulary :point_right:t4: Study Now. You will be shown the vocabulary for this unit exclusively, but the same logic applies. If you get a lot of the answers wrong at your first try, fewer new cards will be introduced in your next session.