How do films impact us and the way we see things?

Earlier today I was tutoring in a lesson where we discussed the effect or rather impact that horror films have on social development via an exercise. Despite being a scaredy cat or angsthase in German, it was fascinating to discuss the revelations (aufdeckungen, offenbarungen) that films can have on us.

Films of different genres can impact many people in a variety of ways. Some films stir up emotions, self-discovery (selbstfindung), or even fear.

Can you think of any particular film and the impact it has had on you or on how you perceive things?
Extra points if it is in a different language than your first. :grinning:

My own personal example would be the film, Joker (2019). Although the film is up for many different interpretations, it shed light on societal ostracism (ausgrenzung) of people living in poverty, and people who are different than most. Even when the Joker was just trying to fulfill his dreams, life would knock him down. Naturally, this is just one of the many factors in the film.
It made me reflect on these tough societal issues and think more about how I treat others.

Cannot wait to hear your examples!


Ary :four_leaf_clover: