How do you avoid stressing out in the Corona situation?

Hey guys,

What do you do to avoid freaking out in this strange situation that we are all in?
I am lucky to live in the countryside so i can go outside with my son (9months old) whenever I can.
Are you nervous/anxious or chilled during rhis pandemic?

Lets talk about our different feelings/experiences :slight_smile:

Thank you and stayhome and staysafe!



I’m not really nervous because my daughter and my partner (and I) are healthy. There aren’t many cases in Weimar. We can go outside without meeting other people which is a big plus. Some things (grocery shopping, doing live lessons) are more exhausting/stressful with a 4-year old at home. But it’s important. We want to avoid infecting people who are at risk, so we stay at home and wait.

I hope everyone is okay with this situation and stays at healthy and at home.


I have been reading and listening to sooooo many conflicting messages, that I decided not to be infected by the fear and negativity. I am privileged to live through very interesting times with tons of surprises. I guess there will be “lots of New Beginnings for us humans”. I have decided to limit my interaction with the negative media reports and enjoy every moment of my life, while exploring a new way of thinking. :slight_smile:


After being laid off recently I have been meditating daily, doing yoga and exercising. I also started watching a Japanese animation of my childhood.

I noticed that I wasn’t being that productive with things that I wanted to get done. So, I wrote a list of things to do. This weekend and next week, I will wake up and get ready “as I was going to work” and try to work on my list until I get it done!

Be safe everyone!


Hi Larissa :slightly_smiling_face:
I also live in the countryside and fortunately can go for a walk at any time.
I try to avoid the news as being more informed doesn’t change the situation, it just puts more stress on me.
I make sure I get a good night’s sleep and meditate regularly.
I also like to do an alkaline bath ( Basenbad) when I feel stressed. You always feel great afterwards :heart_eyes:


Now, this pandemic lasts for more than a year - far more than I expected. And the situation here in Ecuador is not that good. I try to live day by day and - as far as possible - not to get affected by the sad news we receive almost every day.

I also try to help others as far as I can. That implicates playing games or karaoke via Zoom. Just to give others the opportunity to escape their hardships - maybe only for one evening - makes me extremely happy.