How does the course work?

I’m almost done with B1 (98%), what happens next? Am I supposed to follow the units from 1 to 12…. or can I skip some or jump from one to another? I’ve never done any writings, what does that imply?

Hi Carmen,

That is exciting, that you will finish the level B1, soon!

Our curriculum consists of

  • 45min 1-1 Live Lessons with native speakers,
  • Flashcards
  • Media (Audios & Videos)
  • Writing Practices (so-called Journals)

And of course you know our mobile app with interactive live streams and 15min tutor-led Study Groups.

Live Lesson Exercises & Units

In the A1 to B2 levels, Chatterbug adds all available units for your level to your study deck. You can choose to preview future units and even do some of the Self-study for them, but your Live Lessons will always be pulled from the unit marked as “currently learning”.

You can preview and customize your lesson plan though. All units and exercises are based on the CEFR levels and you can certify your level by completing at least 50% of a level’s exercises with a tutor.

In the C1 level, however, you are the sole judge of what you’ll study. Chatterbug prepared a number of self contained units for you to choose from and add to your study deck via the My Course section.

Writing Exercises

You can find out more about writing exercises here:

Does this help? Please let us know, if you have further questions @CarmenEsse

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