Writing Exercises (Journals) - Submit For Correction

If you would like feedback on your writing, check the yellow box and your writing exercise will be submitted for correction by one of our Chatterbug tutors.

Our tutors will look at your writing, correct any grammar mistakes and give you feedback on anything you should focus on improving. Your corrections will be emailed to you as quickly as we can process it. :email:

Writing corrections are a feature for subscribed Chatterbug users. Trial users can have one writing exercise corrected for free.

As stated above, new corrections will be emailed to you. However, you can find all your recent journals on your achievements page:


Is this feature gone now?

Hi @stefilios,

Due to a reconfiguration of the platform, we’re no longer able to offer the writing corrections feature - I’m really very sorry. It is, however, possible to ask your tutor to correct a short piece of writing during a Live Lesson. You can just copy and paste it into the chat.

Again, please accept my apologies. You can cancel your subscription at any time if you decide to. Here’s how.

With best wishes,


Thank you Janina !

As a student, I will miss the writing corrections too :cry:.
It was super helpful to get my writing exercises corrected by supportive tutors. I learned a lot from their clear and kind corrections. I’d like to thank them for their patience and support when going through my Spanish texts :hugs:.