How to make the most of Chatterbug's media resources?

Hello all,

First of all, I would like to thank all the tutors for making the live lessons so pleasant and helping us understand the numerous topics in our curriculum. Although my question is not related to the live lessons, I wanted nevertheless to use the opportunity to thank all the tutors for the great job.
Regarding my topic, I would like to ask you how I can make the most out of Chatterbug’s media resources.
Previously I was writing a text for every media resource and signaling it to be corrected by a tutor. However, I realized I was getting behind the content of the live lessons by a large margin because I was taking 20 minutes instead of 5 minutes to finish a video or audio.
I was also not able to or didn’t have a good method to review all the corrections and learn from them.
So recently, I’m just watching or listening to the resources, which allows me to progress faster, but at the same time leaves a bitter taste because I’m not exercising what I saw, hence not learning as much (at least that’s what I feel).

These are my existential questions. It would be awesome to have your opinions.

Thanks a lot.


Hey @Gui_Ger ! Thank you for your kind words that will make the German tutors very happy for sure!! :hugs:

What strikes me in your message is that you used two different but complementary approaches to media! Why don’t you do a mix of the two? You could just watch/listen to all the documents in the unit and then decide to write something about the one you find most interesting or challenging?

As far as corrections are concerned, you could, for example, take note of some formulations or words that have been corrected and try to place them in your next text? :nerd_face:

Congratulations for your dedication in any case this is a lot of work/efforts!! :muscle: :muscle:


Hallo, @Gui_Ger :blush:

Thank you so much for your words! Being a tutor and reading these type of messages is always the best. :raised_hands:

Regarding your question, I agree with @Amandine. You could also decide to have a special day (or days) for writing, in that way you can decide when and how much time you will spend developing this skill.

In order to review all the corrections, I would recommend you to have a notebook to write the most important ones :writing_hand:, that way is not only online, but also in a piece of paper and that’s easier to memorize.

Keep doing such a great job learning, and thank you for reaching to us :hugs:!


Thanks a lot for your suggestions :slight_smile:
I guess I was overdoing it :see_no_evil: Selecting only certain videos or audios to write about is already enough. And I will try the notebook approach to learn from the corrections :notebook_with_decorative_cover: