I’m seeing the same exercises from previous lessons

Chatterbug courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and students have the possibility to earn a language certificate at the end of each CEFR level. Because certificates are reliant on a tutor’s rating of your performance in Live Lessons, we give students the possibility to repeat exercises in order to up their score. Hence our review lessons which are built entirely from exercises you’ve already seen.

Do I have to do review lessons?

No, you’re absolutely not obliged to review past exercises but in order not to, pay attention to the ratings you’re prompted to give at the end of each Live Lesson exercise:

  • With the 1-clock rating, you’re effectively telling our algorithm that you’d like to review this exercise very soon. If all your exercises in a lesson are marked with the 1-clock rating, you’ll be shown those same exercises in your next lesson.
  • The 2-clock rating will label an exercise as “up for review” but will let a few regular lessons go by before it’s shown to you again.
  • With the 3-clock rating, you’re telling us that you got it the first time and don’t want to be shown that exercise again. If you opt for the 3-clock rating for every single exercise in your Live Lessons, you will never be shown review lessons.

That said, when you reach the end of the Chatterbug curriculum (C1) and continue to take Live Lessons, you will be shown exclusively review lessons since there is no new material to build lessons from.

Can I choose to not do a review lesson even if one has been scheduled already?

Yes! You can customize an upcoming lesson within 24 hours of its start and choose a completely new lesson. However, keep in mind that when you replace a review lesson with a regular one, the review lesson will simply be shown to you later on, so don’t be surprised if it comes up again later.

In order never to be shown specific review exercises again, it’s best to skip them one by one and choose to never see them again. That way, we will no longer add them to any future review lessons you might have.

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