Ideas for flashcards

I’ve been learning German with this platform for a long time and have been able to notice some things that might make learning a language easier. In this post I am only going to talk about flashcards.

  1. Add articles to nouns. It’s great to learn a word with its proper article from the very beginning than to have to memorise it again. It would be useful to see articles inside flashcards and during exercises with them.

  2. Add an example or two to demonstrate the meaning of a word and a possible context in which it can be used. It’d be good for words that have similar meanings but have some nuances in their usage.

  3. Add an audio to be able to train the correct pronunciation.

Also I’d like to get some kind of daily stats back. I like the idea to plan the overall time you are going to spend on the platform during a week but being able to see how much time you dedicate every day is also useful.

In the end I’d like to mention how I appreciate the platform because it not only helps me improve my German but also gives me possibilities to meet different people from all over the world.


Hey @marunyash! Thanks for your suggestions. I think, they would be very helpful!
As @Julia.Karl mentioned in another post, our engineers are at the moment very busy with the Chatterbug Streams project. But stay tuned!


Hi @marunyash :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for being active in our community forum and for letting us know what could be improved. I agree with you, articles are essential in the learning process and the examples help to really understand how and when to use the words.

Regarding the third point, I personally study two languages with Chatterbug, and it gives me the pronunciation every time. Do you see something like this when you do the flashcards?:

Sometimes it is muted, and it can be the reason.

Again, all these both great ideas! Thank you for the suggestions. As @SKrausser mentioned, our engineers are working lots, but we have passed your suggestions along to the product team!

Have a nice weekend :blush:.


Let me rephrase my third idea. I think I wasn’t clear enough.
There’s an audio when I go through a study session with flashcards.
I was talking another use case. When one goes to a unit, opens its vocabulary and then opens just one flashcard from it. This is where I’d like to see the audio along with articles and examples.
Hope, it better conveys my idea.
And have a nice weekend :smiley:


Great ideas! I would be very glad if they could add these points (especially pt.2 to show the words in some context).
Great app by the way. I have been using just for a couple of days and i have fallen in love with it completely.


Thank you, @pedrogalher :blush:. We will keep that in mind!

We are very happy that you like Chatterbug, and we hope you keep learning lots :happyllama:.

Have a nice weekend :sun_with_face:.


I think point 1 (adding genders to cards) is really important. I have had to resort to using other apps/platforms to reinforce my learning of these, which isn’t ideal!

Just want to add that I think Chatterbug is a fantastic learning system!