Improvising - good or bad?

Hi everyone!

I was having the first live lesson and I diverting a bit from the guidelines. For example, I didn’t simply ask about whether there is a breakfast or not. I also asked, for example, from when to when is the breakfast served, whether it was a buffet or not.

For those of you who have some experience in the platform, do you think a student should follow the guidelines strictly or the more you improvise the better?

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Hey Adi.
Both options are possible. At times also the tutors improvise, depending on the abilities of each student. Each student is different. Some benefit more from the exercises, following the guidelines. Others are already ready to change it at bit, adding more information or changing them.
Best, Stephan


Hey Adi,

I think improvising is totally fine and I improvise often when a student has a higher/lower level.
Personally, I have no problem when a student changes the exercise a bit.
As Stephan said for some it is good and for others it’s better to follow the task.

Best, Laura


I am definitely pro improvising. I think it helps immensely to break the ice and to get more creative!
I’m all for it!!!


@adi700! This is a great question. We create those exercises every day and we give our best to scaffold them and provide the structure necessary to progress fast. However, the point of the exercise is to set up a frame for the conversation. If every exercise was only about following instructions and providing very specific output, a robot could provide the feedback you need to improve. There is no wrongdoing as long as you are practicing what is relevant for you and you feel motivated and positively challenged to do so!
I understand the tutor’s concern and advise to follow the structure, though. Sometimes it is better to have the patience to practice saying what you are able to say first.
In any case, I advise you to always let tutors know how you want to learn. We’ll make our best to train them to adapt to each students needs.


hi laural
can we study together?

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Hey there,

yes sure. I’m looking forward to see you in a live lesson :smile:.

Have a great evening!

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but i do not know how can we do that

Hi @Mikejon. If you click on Laura’s picture (above) then you will get a pop up that looks like this…

If you click on the link (circled) then it will bring you to her tutor profile. There you will see the favorite button (below).

You can then favorite her. (The schedule button is coming soon!). Once you favorite her, she will show up in your list of tutors on your account - under schedule. Click on the schedule tab, and click on “schedule a tutor”. Once you do this, you will see Laura in your list. If you click on the box next to her name then you can see when she is available. Then choose the slot in which you would like to take your live lesson by clicking on the box and confirm. Once Laura confirms the lesson, it will show up on your dashboard.

Read more about it here

If you have anymore questions let us know!

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