Internet issues / cancelled lessons

@norwich18 @matidomo @Martinab

Guys!! I am very sorry, I had to cancel your lessons since I am having internet issues today… and I dont know if its gonna be fixed by tomorrow morning…
@norwich18 I am sorry we couldn’t finish our lesson today, I have already spoken to Chatterbug and they will contact you to reschedule :slight_smile:

I apologize !!



Hi Alicia

I definitely want to try more lessons with you as I prefer to have tutors from Spain, as I’m learning Spanish from Spain. I’ll reschedule with another tutor until your internet issues are sorted, but I look forward to having many more lessons with you regularly in future.

Thank you

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Hi! Great! my internet issue will be solved today so from friday I will be available again :wink:
looking forward to see you in a lesson!

Hasta pronto!

Great. I’ve booked my lessons for this week and next, and then I’m away for two weeks, so will see you from next month again.

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