Introducing Beekeeper: Cheree

Let’s get to know Cheree!

Place of Origin

South Africa

Place of Residence

Ludwigshafen, Germany

Languages spoken and how you learned them

  1. English - Learnt English growing up.

  2. Afrikaans - All my schooling was done in Afrikaans.
    *I grew up in a fully bilingual home where my mother spoke Afrikaans and my father English.

  3. German - I signed up to Chatterbug in January (after watching many of the A1 classes on YouTube). I am currently at A2 and making great progress.

When did you start tutoring with Chatterbug?

July 2021.

Favorite place in the world and why?

This is a tough question as I’ve done quite a bit of traveling, and have experienced many incredible places. My favourite place in the world is a draw between:

  1. Experiencing the landscape from Grímsnes (a volcano crater in Iceland).
  2. Snorkeling off the coast of Phi Phi Island (Thailand).

The most magical place in the world: Disneyland - I am a HUGE Disney fan!

Cheree’s Favorite Food

Braai meat (barbequed meat) prepared by my father. This would include fillet steaks, lamb chops and Boerewors (a South African term used to describe sausage).

On the side we would have braai broodjies (tomato, cheese and onion sandwiches toasted on the braai), potato salad, and carrot salad with raisins. This would all be prepared by my mom.

Nothing beats a braai on a Saturday afternoon!

3 Fun Facts about Cheree

  1. When I was young, I thought that the actors/actresses on dubbed TV series had a special talent of speaking in English while moving their mouths differently. I used to practice this for hours - I failed. :joy:
  2. My favourite German words is “Schmetterling”. It is so much fun to say!
  3. If I could be a superhero, I would choose to be Mary Poppins! She is practically supercalifragilisticexpialidociously perfect in every way!

How do you motivate students?

I remind them to breathe! :sunglasses:

Every class should end with the student feeling great about what they’ve just achieved. I make sure to acknowledge their improvements.

As I am also a student, I tend to draw a lot from my own experiences. I try to use the material in such a way, that the student can draw from their own experiences as well.

What is your favorite Chatterbug moment?

Coming 3rd in the Chatterbug German Game Day. This made me realize how much I have improved!

Say hello to @ChereeKr!


Goeie dag @ChereeKr !

I find it so curious and funny that you thought the actors had a special talent :see_no_evil:. I used to think that everything was live until I watch a soap opera at night and I noticed that on the TV they had daylight :sweat_smile:.

By the way I love carrot salad with raisins, my mom makes the same salad as well :blush:.

Welcome aboard :catbee:, and we are glad to have you here :hugs:.


Bienvenue @ChereeKr :grinning:!


Thank you for the warm welcome @Leocadie, @27sp.sandra and @kjanina! :sunglasses:


Great to see you as a tutor and now a beekeeper here on chatterbug cheree. I dont know if you remember our lessonstogether but i really enjoyed tutoring you!!
All the best!!


Hi Cheree! I can totally understand why you like the word “Schmetterling”, it’s such a beautiful word. I also like how it sounds in the other languages that I’m familiar with: mariposa, butterfly, papillon and borboleta.


Thanks for the kind words @Lari1108! :sunglasses:
It is definitely about time that we catch up again, so I’ve just booked my next lesson with you :yum:
Looking forward to it!


@wilmer_arias Oh yes, I totally get that. Those words sound “soft on the tongue” :crazy_face:
My favorite word to pronounce in English is ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’.
Yes, it is a real (nonsensical) word, and yes, it is the longest word in the English dictionary! :star_struck:


Welcome @ChereeKr!! I loved your fun facts (Mary Poppins is definitely one of the best superheroes!) and the foood part :yum: Some posts about South African food would be much appreciated :+1: :+1:


Welcome @ChereeKr! Happy to have you on the Beekeeper team :smiley:

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Thank you so much! :star_struck:


Whoooohooo!!! :100:


CONGRATS to your new Beekeeper position, @ChereeKr! It’s always a pleasure to meet you online, and you are totally doing great learning German! :smiley:

About the next “TutorHang”, this time I won’t be able to make it because of my (still) office job and Mexican timetables, but hopefully the next one. Enjoy it! :partying_face:

See you soon, have an amazing weekend!

Sonnige Grüsse aus Mexiko,


Hi @HeidiS!

Thank you so much for your message and the kind words! :yum: I always enjoy my Saturday evening German classes with you and I am looking forward to the next :grin:
I am sorry to hear that you won’t be able to make “TutorHang”, but I am sure there will be more opportunities in the future! :dancer:

Have a wonderful day and week! See you soon! :hibiscus:

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