Introducing Beekeeper: David

Let’s get to know David!

Place of Origin

I grew up in the northern port city of Hamburg, Germany. Later moving to the United States and back for the majority of my education.

Place of Residence

Currently I reside in Erfurt, Germany

Languages spoken and how you learned them

I grew up bilingual, leaning English and German simultaneously. I have gained a limited Spanish working proficiency, through school, and am currently in the process of learning French.

When did you start tutoring with Chatterbug?

I began working as a tutor in the later half of 2020.

Favorite place in the world and why?

I have to quote one of my favorite movies here, cause there’s no place I’d rather be, than on my surfboard out at sea, lingering in the ocean blue. Can you guess the title?
Giving it some thought, I’d actually go with something more cheesy, though. I’ve seen my fair share of places that have stayed in my memory, well after leaving them. If its the Dunes of the Namib Desert, sandy coves in the Mediterranean or the Rocky Mountains, one thing that beats all is being next to and with my loved ones, wherever that might be.

David’s Favorite Food

There might be divided opinions on this, but hear me out: You begin your meal with Vitello tonnato as a starter, move on to a lemon garlic steak with baked sweet potatoes wedges on the side and round it off with some mousse au chocolate as dessert. What’s not to like about that?

3 Fun Facts about David

  1. I actually spend most of my time studying International Relations and Law.
  2. I found my passion for landscape photography half a decade ago and have never stopped chasing sunsets, starry skies and alluring scenery compositions ever since.
  3. I might have an unhealthy obsession with soul/motown :guitar::musical_score: and country music :cowboy_hat_face:.

How do you motivate students?

We often overlook the fact that humor is a vital element in attaining a supportive learning environment that can benefit students. Therefore, I always try to inject a little optimism and cheerfulness into each lesson.

What is your favorite Chatterbug moment?

I’ve talked to people on their phones in Walmart parking lots before, and have been taken along to teach German while my student did some household chores. My favorite moment however, is whenever a student takes the initiative and begins to tell me a meaningful story out of their life.

Anything you’d like to add?

Mastering a new language is hard, but it can be a fun and fulfilling journey. Expanding the limits of expressing yourself means expanding the limits of your world and gaining a new way of thinking.

Say hello to @DavidBernhardt !


Nice introduction @DavidBernhardt, welcome to the Beekeeper team!

I’d love to see some of your landscape photography, if you’re happy to share. :smiley:


Well I was going to suggest “Point break” as your favorite movie… but it seems to be more of a Disney movie, right? I don’t know my classics haha! (Cool song btw!) :upside_down_face:


Vive la mousse au chocolat :heart_eyes: :chocolate_bar: !!!
Welcome to the Beekeeper team @DavidBernhardt !


Welcome to a great team!!!


Thank you @Maddy11 ! So glad to be part of it.

For sure. I’d love to share some shots. Was thinking of doing a community post to also encourage others to share a few of their own pictures. I’ve seen that some of you live in quite scenic locations (only slightly jealous :stuck_out_tongue:)


Not too far off :blush::joy:. I guess that movie (which I’ve definitely seen more than once) fits my vibe as well

You were spot on with your Disney suggestion! It’s in fact a song from Lilo and Stitch :upside_down_face:, while clearly being a kid’s movie (which comes with some stigma), it holds up surprisingly well, with its timeless message even as an adult. To be honest, this specific song manages to illustrate the feeling of being out there on the waves just differently :wink:


@Leocadie Vous avez raison. C’est tout simplement le meilleur dessert!
Happy to join you!

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Thank you for the warm welcome @Lari1108 Feels like im in good company!


¡Bienvenido, David! Happy to have you on the team!

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Welcome, @DavidBernhardt!
I always enjoyed your input in the CF, it’s a pleasure to have you join the bunch!

As a photo nerd myself, I’m also looking forward to seeing some shots of yours in a forum post!


Great to meet you and have you part of the team @DavidBernhardt!
As I am currently busy learning German, which dialect (of German) would you say you speak? :blush:

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@wilmer_arias Thank you. Looking forward to working with you.

@Toby Aww, appreciate that!
Sounds awesome, what type of photography are you into?

@ChereeKr I’d feel confident to say that I have a distinct “Hochdeutsch” pronunciation and articulation , partly growing up in Hamburg and not letting myself be influenced by regional quirks and differences. Although I sometimes envy someone with exactly those variations in their dialect, because it can grant them a certain unique character, but yet again makes it harder in a language learning scenario. I’d feel honored to do a Live Lesson with you btw, if you’re interested.


Hi @DavidBernhardt, nice to meet you :wave:. I see nothing wrong in your taste of music :wink:…OK country seems a bit of a challenge :wink: :wink:

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Hi @Germanlady,

Check out this video, by a British guitarist, about Mother Maybelle Carter and her contributions to modern music. It should help make it less of a “challenge” to think it is okay to like country music.


@Germanlady likewise :raised_back_of_hand: :grinning:
Glad to hear that. On the matter of county music, I could argue in my defense, that you might just haven’t have heard the right song, in the genre, yet :wink: It’s much more divers, than it might seem at first. Laying the influence for many other types of music and also blending beautifully into blues or folk and of course rock and roll.


Love this analysis! @JimDur :grin: Thanks for suggesting it.
It’s really nice to know, that there is a fellow music geek in this community.


Wow seems I stirred up a hornet nest here :see_no_evil:. Thanks @JimDur for the eyeopening video :smiley: :pray:
Actually it seems I also have a country album @DavidBernhardt :thinking: :joy: Johnny Cash / The man comes around.


@DavidBernhardt I’m a commercial photographer by trade, so I have a pretty generalistic approach to the different fields. I like the graphic aspect of architecture, and capturing the emotions of musicians on stage. When it comes to travel photography I love to do series (in general storytelling in photography), and once in a while, I do art projects.

But nature photography is great, too! Looking forward to a photography post!


@Germanlady :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yes, its seems like you did ignite some passionate feelings here :joy:
Great Album, btw! Gotta love Johnny :+1::grin: